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Columbus in the News
  News articles about Columbus
CTA Updates
  News and updates about the Certified Tourism Ambassador program
Destination US
  Visitor industry updates for community stakeholders
Event Invitations
  Invitations to Experience Columbus hosted events
General Communications
  General Communications from Experience Columbus
Insiders Club
  The latest events and special offers available only to Insiders
Member Communications
  Important communications to Experience Columbus members
Reunion Communications
  Communications regarding hosting a family or military reunion in Columbus
Sales Invitations
  Invitations to events and offerings from Experience Columbus convention sales
Touring Columbus
  Quarterly newsletter providing updates in Columbus for tour planners.
Trending in Columbus
  Sales newsletter on tips for hosting a meeting in Columbus
Volunteer with US
  Available volunteer opportunities in Columbus
Sports: Community Cup
  Communications about the Greater Columbus Sports Commission’s annual corporate challenge that rallies organizations to compete in all-skill-level contests.
Sports: General Communications
  Updates and insights in regard to the Greater Columbus Sports Commission.
Sports: Invest in US
  The Greater Columbus Sports Commission communications for companies and organizations interested in becoming a corporate partner.
Sports: Join US in Columbus
  Quarterly insights about happenings in Columbus and the city’s position as a top sports destination.
Sports: On the Sidelines with Linda
  Quarterly updates from the Greater Columbus Sports Commission executive director, Linda Logan.
Sports: Women's and Virtual Sports Report
  Updates and invites to the Greater Columbus Sports Commission’s events.
Sports: Community Youth Camp
  Communications about the Greater Columbus Sports Commission's newest event, a day camp for children ages 6-12 that teaches sports and the life lessons of teamwork.

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